Reduced Electricity Bills

Solvo means ‘to loosen’, ‘to untie’, ‘to release’ or ‘to free’ in Latin. Solvo Energy means just that – ‘free’ or ‘untied’ energy. Solvo Energy can help significantly reduce your business’s electricity bills or even eradicate your business’s electricity bills by installing on premise renewable energy equipment  such as roof top solar panels and battery storage equipment.

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Reduced Electricity Bills

Once installed, the renewable energy equipment can be coupled with a power purchase agreement or PPA to further reduce electricity bills or create an additional income stream and a potential route to low cost equipment finance.

Power Purchase Agreements PPA

A power purchase agreement or ‘PPA’ can significantly reduce your business electricity bills.

PPA’s are contracts for the supply and export of energy. Contract conditions are usually bespoke and reflect the terms in which:

  • Energy is being supplied to your business (imported)
  • Green Energy is being sold by your business to an energy supplier (exported)
  • Energy is both supplied and sold depending on your business / demand requirements (imported and exported)

A PPA can be short-term (1 – 3 years), medium-term (3 – 5 years) or long-term (5 years plus), although long-term contracts tend to be for larger business consumers or significant generators of energy. Pricing terms usually reflect the market at that time but usually do take account of more long-term power price forecasts. PPA’s generally offer lower tariffs than that of conventional business energy suppliers and therefore have the potential to save your business money.

Similarly, those businesses that choose to export or sell their green renewable energy power to the grid will usually make more money for the supply of their green energy through a PPA than selling it to their usual energy supplier.

Most businesses would prioritise installing on-premise renewable energy equipment, such as commercial roof top solar panels, in order to reduce their electricity energy bill to nothing. However, there is usually significant spare capacity and excess green energy to export or sell this green energy via the PPA in order to create an additional income stream.

Renewable Energy Equipment / Commercial Roof Top Solar Finance

If your business is not able to finance the renewable energy solution from capital reserves, PPAs offer economical finance routes to meet the cost of renewable energy equipment / commercial rooftop solar.

We are experts in PPA placement and negotiation and would welcome the opportunity to talk about how we can help you reduce your business’s electricity bills.

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